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Couples Counselling 

The 8 Steps that I use to work with couples in getting results:


1. Assessment Phase

In this stage, I gather information about the couple's relationship history, individual backgrounds, their strengths, challenges and current concerns in the relationship. 


2. Establishing Goals

I work with the couple to establish clear and achievable goals for their relationship


3. Identifying Patterns

I help the couple to identify patterns of behavior and negative interactions that are contributing to relationship difficulties.


4. Deeper Understanding

I facilitate and encourage partners to express their feelings and needs in a non-judgmental manner


5. Teaching Skills
& Tools

I teach couples communication and conflict resolution skills and provide tools to help them improve their relationship.


6. Improving Emotional Connection

I help couples to build a deeper emotional connection and intimacy through activities and exercises.


7. Re-Evaluation

I regularly check in with the couple to assess their progress and make any necessary adjustments to help them reach their goals.


8. Termination phase

Once the couple has met their relationship goals and feel satisfied with the progress they have made, sessions will come to an end. I then help the couple to develop a plan for maintaining their progress after the sessions has ended.

It is important to note that the length of time for therapy to produce results will vary for each couple, depending on the nature and severity of their relationship difficulties.

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