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The Power of the Feminine Essence

Every woman is composed

of many selves

​Do you desire to live fully as a passionate, spiritual, empowered, loving, creative and sensual woman? Every woman is composed of many selves. Knowing about each woman's secret wisdom and gifts helps you connect intimately with each inner woman so you may integrate their voices, realize their power, and open yourselves to your full expression and potential. 


Aligning with your TRUE power as a woman and stepping into your full potential will help you to make future choices and decisions more consciously and wisely. Any woman can activate these magnetic powers within. Once she does, she is a great gift to all, as she activates humanity’s potential! Your personal strengths, abilities, instincts, deficiencies, priorities and values all flow from the main patterns and dominate the vibration that you live. Awaken your magnetic and radiant feminine energy from the inside out. Attract empowering opportunities, experiences and people into your life (and in love!)​​


With this workshop, you will:


  • Get a clear outline of the seven key psychological feminine pattern

  • Understanding your dominant vibration explains how you receive other people and how others receive you.

  • Understanding your dominant vibration will tell you about loving, parenting, and even about your way of conducting business. 

  • Gain A detailed view of how these patterns are working in your life at this time

  • Find Clear insights into your strengths and ‘lead’ energy

  • How to overcome your challenges, whether current or ongoing

  • Discover the Areas of imbalance and balance them


 Who should take this workshop?


  • Understanding the different aspects of your relationships with other women, men, parents, children, and peers. 

  • Women who need more confidence, power and love

  • People who want to Experience deeper and fulfilling connection and love with themselves and others 

  • People seeking for deeper beauty, intelligence and unique gift

  • Women looking for respect and honour in all areas of their life 

  • Women who interest Harmonize their masculine and feminine energies.​​​

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