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MBTI Personality Type 

What your children need based on 

their MBTI personality type

You’ll be surprised at the things you learn about your child and yourself. parenting strategies that work with one child may be less effective with another child. How can you be sure that your nurturing is well suited to your child? With this workshop you can use Personality Type analysis - a powerful and well-respected psychological tool - to understand your child better and become a more effective parent. In This program you'll learn which of 16 different types best matches your child's personality; how this personality type affects your child; how other parents, deal with challenging situations you may encounter and how you can adapt your parenting style to your child's type - and get better results when communicating, supporting, motivating, and disciplining. This program will give you the power to understand why children are the way they are - and to become the best parent you can be.
Learn to Empower Young People Through Personality Type

You’ll discover what your and your child’s special gifts are and how to make the most of them. You’ll find out how to handle your relationships better, make smarter decisions, and develop a more positive attitude toward situations that used to challenge you.

Understanding and appreciating your own parenting style and that of your partner; can help you accept your differences and feel more confident and understanding in your relationships. At the end of this workshop you will be able to appreciate your own parenting style, and to identify the personality style and the preferences of your child. This understanding results in more acceptance, and dealing with differences in personalities constructively and harmoniously.This can help you better guide your child in both the home and school environment.

Parenting Styles explains the combinations of traits that make up sixteen distinct parenting approaches. From the "Tuned-In parent," the "Heart-to-Heart Parent," and the "Kids 'r' Fun Parent" to the "Responsibility Parent" and the "Independence Parent," Khatereh helps parents identify which style reflects their own strengths, struggles, and needs and, from there, offers ways to overcome the parenting challenges inherent to each type. Guiding parents to an understanding of how type affects parent-child interactions and family dynamics, This workshop will help moms and dads everywhere to recharge their batteries, and find success in this most important of roles.

With this workshop you will discover:

  • What is your and your child personality type and style preferences

  • What are effective strategies for parenting your child

  • building on the children’s natural strengths and compensating for natural weaknesses

  • Which parts of parenting come easy to you and those do not and what should you do.

  • how your child’s personality type can influence his attitudes and behaviors in relationships.

  • How to resolve parenting problems

  • How to communicate with your child to do their best in school and in life.

The workshop will use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is based on the work of Carl Jung’s “Psychological Types”. It is an interactive workshop designed with exercises, activities, storytelling and sharing of experiences.

Free Introductory Session

Jan 10th 2024

Trainer: Khatereh Zabihi (Certified MMTIC Practitioner)

2-day Workshop in a cottage near Toronto

Level 1

Saturday, Feb 17, 2024

Sunday,   Feb 18, 2024

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