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Building Emotional Stability 

Help individuals improve their emotional stability, increase their coping skills, and develop resilience in challenging situations.

Workshop composed of 8 sessions

Introduction to
Emotional Stability

Overview of the concept of emotional stability. 

Explanation of the importance of emotional stability in daily life.
Assessment of personal emotional stability levels and areas of improvement.


Introduction to mindfulness and its role in emotional stability
Mindfulness practice: breathing exercises and observing thoughts and emotions
Mindful awareness of the present moment
Practice of mindfulness skills through in-class exercises

Distress Tolerance

Introduction to distress tolerance skills and their role in emotional stability
Mindfulness practice:

visualization exercises
Practice of distress tolerance skills through role-playing scenarios and discussion


Introduction to the concept of resilience and its role in emotional stability
Assessment of personal resilience levels and areas of improvement
Practice of resilience-building exercises through in-class exercises and role-playing scenarios


Introduction to various coping skills and their role in emotional stability.  Identification of individual coping styles and their effectiveness.  Practice of coping skills through role-playing scenarios and in-class exercises

Emotion Regulation

Introduction to different emotion regulation techniques such as self-soothing, opposite action, and checking the facts
Identification of emotional triggers and patterns.  
Practice of emotion regulation techniques through role-playing scenarios

Cognitive Behavioral

Introduction to cognitive behavioral skills and their role in emotional stability
Overview of the ABCDE model and cognitive restructuring techniques
Practice of cognitive behavioral skills through in-class exercises and role-playing scenarios

Review and

Review of all the skills covered in the previous sessions
Integration of these skills into daily life
Mindfulness practice:

Body scan meditation
Group discussion and sharing of personal experiences with emotional stability



Presented by
Khatereh Zabihi


Workshop Facilitator.

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Workshop starts
Wednesday 29-Mar-2023

10h30 am to 12h30 pm EST

The Advantages of Participating in this group :

1. Accountability
and Support

Working with a group can help you stay accountable to your goals and provide support as you work through challenges.

4. Practice and feedback

This Workshop provides opportunities to practice new patterns and receive feedback from both the facilitator and other participants.

2. Learning
from others

In this workshop, you can learn

from others who have struggled

with similar issues and

discover new strategies.

5. Reduce Isolation

Procrastination and perfectionism can be isolating experiences, but participating in a group workshop can help you feel less alone and more connected to others.

3. Increased self-awareness

Become more self-aware of some destructive patterns, provide a space to reflect on why these behaviors occur and how I can heal from the past

6. Motivation

The sense of accountability and support that comes from a workshop can help motivate you to take action and make progress towards your goals.

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